Powerful Knowledge Sharing

Share your product knowledge with the field force through their mobile devices. Provide the sales teams to access marketing content in form of interactive and engaging media files on the move. Conduct online evaluations and harness online discussions with live annotations.

Be live with the field force

Allow the scattered field sales to communicate with other Sales units and marketing teams to get insights for a specific deal information, prospect intelligence & objections, even before the start of a customer conversation with a secured mobile messenger service.

Get a peek into a real-time market action

Provide the Sales team a powerful collaboration tool to instantly capture the market action and share varied scenarios to the other sales members or marketing team. Get a peek into the real time action to devise an on-the field strategy and facilitate tactical selling.

Instant alerts & notifications

Have your Sales team aligned with your Dealers or Partners to procure real-time information. Give them the facility to initiate business conversations with a customer or a prospect & allow them to receive instant alerts and notifications on various critical business requirements.


Collaborate & Share the Marketing Content

Share your rich and vast marketing content with your external teams and instantly update your marketing efforts. Create ease of access to your central knowledge repository and collaborate with agencies to create a powerful knowledge sharing platform.

Collaborative Campaign Management

Execute your campaigns in a highly collaborative environment bridging your internal and external teams. Share your content with relevant groups and update the enterprise library with your latest collaterals and project knowledge. Enhance your communication channel with engaging campaigns for a free flow of knowledge and brand positioning.

Stay connected with the Market

Interact with the field sales to edify Marketing intelligence for a specific prospect, even just before a much required prospect meeting. Stay connected with your event marketing groups across varied locations for organizing and managing your marketing events.

Conduct Surveys with your Partners & Customers

Conduct surveys to obtain feedback on a real time basis from your partner & customer network. Share valuable product updates and information to the partner network for instant promotional enhancements. Stay connected with your customers and send periodic information to create awareness on the company’s growth plans and new business avenues.

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One-stop Sharing Platform

Publish your product information in a single platform that supports any device or file format. Create external groups for your vendors & partners and disseminate relevant marketing content. Allow them to easily access the desired content anytime, anywhere with their preferred device.

Alert & Notify

Collaborate with your vendors and dealers on an instant messenger for a real-time status tracking. Stay ever connected with your vendor network to save the time and travel of your Sales Teams with instant notifications of a product bounce or a stock availability.

Live Communication

With an enterprise network and a messenger, keep your external network well informed of a new scheme launch, organized product updates, new business avenues and growth plans for an efficient co-ordination. Manage all your other enterprise systems with this central hub for real-time centralized information.


Enhance your Customer Engagement

In an ever-changing market scenario, it is highly imperative for every industry to be equipped with powerful customer engagement. Conduct online surveys and harness online discussions with live annotations to receive real-time feedback on your products. Stay connected with an instant messenger & networking platform to collaborate efficiently and explore new business avenues!

Share your content effectively

Enterprises need a powerful platform to share its high volume promotional content with the customers. Stay connected with your customer network and publish marketing info, latest updates, launch of new schemes & details of the upcoming company events. Receive instant feedback for your marketing content & track usage metrics. Get your brand positioned in a faster and effective way!

Alert & Notify

Kangle acts as a centralized hub for all your enterprise systems to have an efficient alert notification system. It can interact with the data from your ERP or SCM system to send instant alerts to various customer groups for effective co-ordination regarding a payment or a collection. Kangle connects your people, systems and customers in a single window to provide an efficient knowledge sharing and enterprise collaboration, in a completely secured way!

businessman hand draws target customers diagram
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